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You won't find a more authentic Sioux-style tipi unless you create one by hand. Comfortable, roomy and well-ventilated, the tipi's design sheds the rain or snow, and it stays standing in high winds. The smoke flaps are adjustable. For optimum performance, we recommend using a liner.

Only available in 10 oz treated natural color canvas.

Montana Canvas does not provide poles.   Please contact your local log home manufacture for an authentic look.

Available Diameters:
9' (ideal for children and backyard camping), 14', 18', 20'

Base Price: 419.99

Are you local to the Bozeman/Belgrade area and want to pick up your order at our location to avoid shipping costs?

Use the promo code LOCALPICKUP on the checkout page to remove the shipping costs. We will coordinate with you for pick up.

45 Degrees North