Wall Tents

What's Your Adventure Style?

Choose easily from three standard wall tent options.


For a level of toughness meant to withstand the test of weather and time, our 10 oz., treated, Grade ‘A’ canvas tent is the perfect option. With a finished weight of nearly 15 oz. after undergoing our proprietary treating process, this material is one of the heaviest on the market and is the main reason our flagship product remains so popular to this day.


Long stays and harsh weather? Our Premium tent, the older brother of the Traditional, has your back. After undergoing our proprietary coating process, the fabric finishes at a hefty 18 oz., making it the ideal choice for professionals, outfitters, and anyone else who’s in it for the long haul.

Montana Blend

If weight is as much a concern as durability, we offer a lighter option that brings you the best of both worlds. We call it our Montana Blend. In this construction, the roof is 10 oz. canvas, while the side walls and end walls are a lighter-weight, 250 D Relite, fully-coated polyester. It weighs in at around 40% less than the Traditional.

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