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Relite Kenai Tent

Kenai tents provide the same easy set-up as our spike tents, and they are also lightweight. They are the frequent choice of many outdoor enthusiasts, because they meet expanded size requirements.

For many outdoor camping purposes, Relite is the perfect tent fabric choice. This unique polyester-based fabric is extremely lightweight, which makes it ideal for environmentally friendly, low-impact camping. Soft, pliable, and easy to clean, Relite offers a tear strength and longevity even better than canvas. Because Relite is so highly durable and more resistant to destructive ultraviolet rays than other commonly used materials such as nylon, it's the choice of many outdoor enthusiasts.

The Relite and the Canvas used in the construction of Montana Canvas tents are fire retardant, and meet the high specification standards set by the California Fire Marshall.
10' x 20' with 4' walls

Standard Features:
1. Four (4) windows - 18" x 24"

2. Stove jack with flap

3. Sewn-in floor

4. Two screened zipper doors

Please note at checkout if you would like a 4", 5", 6" or no stovejack with flap. If not noted, a standard 5" stovejack will be added.

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